A gentleman caller

Stanley, The Gentleman Caller

Stanley, The Gentleman Caller

My mom will be very surprised to find out that she has a secret admirer.  Apparently, his name is Stanley.  He showed up at my door this morning, professing his love for her, telling me of his adulation for all the amazing refurbishing work she’s doing.  You, unlike Stanley, may not know that my mom is super talented at repairing and restoring old/worn-out/broken furniture…she’s a wizard!  One fine day, I am going to get with her and take some before and after pictures of what she’s applied her skills to, and then you will all be her admirers, just like Stanley.

Now, Stanley happened to share his deep, dark secret with me this morning…it was just that kind of bare-bones-confession that happens when someone is crazy in love.  When Stanley woke up, before getting ready for the day, he looked like this:

Stanley before...you may have knowing him as the little drummer boy.

Stanley before…you may have knowing him as the little drummer boy.

Oh, you just don’t know his trials and tribulations.  Years of wearing that dumb hat rubbed off his hair to the point of no return.  Of course, Stanley is a glass-half-full kind of guy, he just says: ‘Thank goodness it wasn’t a helmet, otherwise I wouldn’t have any hair left at all.’  But, his true sadness is that the poor guy is made out of wood.  His hero, he admitted, is Pinocchio…because Pinocchio got to be a real boy in the end.  And while Stanley would love to be real, he says it would be great if the Blue Fairy would turn him into a real man instead.  Because that’s what my mom deserves.

I am taking him over to meet my mom later today, so wish him luck.  Although, he really is a gentleman, so luck might not have anything to do with it!

He's a little nervous, but he'll do fine.

He’s a little nervous, but he’ll do fine.